Saturday, January 28, 2012

Club Again?

Yes yes...i know it took me 2 weeks to update my blog again and i am truly sorry bout that.

Okay! I've finally dig out some time and collected my I.fairy lens on last saturday from Gmaine :)

Both lens are from i.fairy, Pearl Black & Crystal Blue in 16.2mm (and they really is)

I'll do a short review soon either today or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Went out with yume golden mile!

Bought this lipstick x lipgloss in light pink, super pretty & cheap!! It cost $6.50 ONLY FOR THIS!

This is the colour..
Pretty right?!

well its not obvious due to the lights in my room.

After applying the lipgloss on.......

Totally worth spending time walking over to get cosmetics.

I bought this cause of the colour......(rose pink?)

But as you can looks so alike to O.P.I right?

It's 2 for $5 so i got another colour in black

And a fur jacket from bugis st :)


I did a little changes on my lashes, is this better?

But i think it does

More pictures

Went out again, and its ladies night! Free entry & free can i not go?!

Took some pictures that day
With Yume..

If you were wondering what top i'm wearing? It's from Ma*rs

Guess what's this is?

and again...more pictures haha

Photo taken with Fion

Serious...see i was right bout changing my lashes...oh ending this post with a photo of 3 of us!


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