Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stepping into the world of nightlife

Last friday night, heading to The Arena with the 2 chio bu, Yume & hana.

Well...things to say before i move on...

After the breakups, i quit going to clubs or even drink on alcohols. It took me real long to get over

a 3wks old relationship, yes i know im very stupid missing..thinking bout him while he is out there clubbing & enjoying flirting with new girls..just by thiniking bout it..

it hurts me real bad. But after going clubbing last friday i begain to understand that sometimes you just can't remove the scars that someone you like gave, no more thinking bout it..feeling sad or whatever so..

This will be the last post that i'll talking about Mr Tan. He's currently famous to those cosplayers and information shall stop here.

Feeling better, enjoying..Well..i'm kinda guilty towards hana cause im still having male phobia towards some guys, and those bouncers are one of the types that im afraid of. So she's always the one who is the lead that day.Guilty to max can..

My dress up of the day last friday :)

FUll set by stella from ageha-shop.

The material is rather heavy, wearing something inside is a must

Took afew pictures in club arena, the light isnt that good so pictures are limited here.

Left : Me, Middle : Yume , Right : Hana

Love the way how hana dress up :)

Doing some funny faces here...while yume is doing some chio post..haha

Okay, she's on nao..

This is a rather short post i must say, Well...hope you enjoy this blog post.

Love Miki


  1. Thanks Miki, actually I was rushing for time anyhow pick clothes to wear :P but hey the look was ok!
    Aiyo don't worry about it, don't feel bad. We had fun that is all it matters :)

  2. You look so adorable, Really like your dress n.n!

  3. ahh;.; Your hair is like *---*

    Cute friends <3 It seems that you guys had a lot of fun together!

    kiss kiss