Friday, January 6, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates..Happy year 2012 people^^

If you're thinking..."what the hack?" It's teddy's new toy. Cute right?

I'm also updating my new clothes from taobao, trades & bought online.

This 2 piece set are from stella, i believe that those who reads ageha will know what/where you can get them.

Laces short :)

Taobao items are finally here, first..1 of the item is oos & another was send to me wrongly. And all i left was 2 dress. I'm selling one of it in my check my fb if you are keen.

Super love this dress, Super love...MUAHAHAHA that's all i can say.

I stick crystals on the cross to make it look nicer..

Received my items from steph, both from ma*rs

Really hate the quality of this looks pretty....silky but its not! It's pretty..yes but the material is so rough...*sad*

Ma*rs dress..HAHAHA love it

Was playing around with photoshop & changed my hair colour of it..

Totally in love with it! SO am gonna dye cool ash soon..hopefully before chinese new year!

That's all people.....


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