Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

Did you guys enjoy your valentine's day?

No matter you're single or attached...there's always someone there for you..

Like friends, boyfriends or family :)

If you're asking bout me..yes i love it

But look, i'm single and yet im able to enjoy my v day being single...


Because there's friends i much that i have to do something for them

I am trying to make cakepop but cause something was ruined...i changed my mind in making it..

Nearly gave up but i still wanna try harder just for my friends...

So i finally make's the results

Please pardon me, it is my first time making something for someone.

And a friend make this in sweet right?
He took 5 hours making it..(1hr per rose)

First time received flowers, somemore its handmade...

I love to act like i don't care at all but on my way home, i was so touched that i cried.

Cab uncle played sad love song for me secretly cause he thinks that i got dumped...LOL

Alright, I'm ending this post with 2 of my photo (ya ya wan puke?)

♥ Miki

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