Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Updates : I'm still alive!!

Before i start sending out resumes looking for jobs again, well....let me blog about my stuff that happens to me.

Well! I'm offically broke...(whatever!!) hahas
Have been busy doing 2 kind of stuff...
One! Interviews....(can they faster hire me? like pls??!)

Trying out straight fringe....still find myself looking weird in it O.o

Was having dinner with my bf last sunday at tampines mall...(sorry...i post your photo here...HAHAHAHA)

Trying out sexy doll's facial sheet mask and seriously....big regrets!!
and im happily falling in love with kiss me lashes!
Saw this SLY cardigan in bugis st and quicky grab a piece of it...
Guess the price? SGD20
Will be posting more photo on what i've bought...soon^^;;;

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