Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'll be changing new banners, wallpaper and colours soon.
Needs to squeeze out time to draw the designs out first. Recently i'm busy teaching teddy not to bite and even discussed teddy's bad habit of biting people's lips, fingers and toes with his vet. Bad habit isn't it?
She gave me some options to follow, and far 2 has failed. lols
Hope the last one wouldn't fail me.
I bought a white harness for teddy but leash is not included. But ya its cute.
Teddy act more like a cat more than a dog. Hmmm...weird
Will be attending today's afa, oh well...hope they sells something nice for me to buy -_-
If not...what's the point of going right? and not going on sun for kaname like others.
Well well's 1.37am in the morning.
As usual, i can only sleeps at 3am. Hmmm 1.5 hours more to go...

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