Friday, November 12, 2010

松岡里枝 ♔ Flu ♔ Teddy

Seriously....松岡里枝 is so freaking cute!!

In love with sakurina's new eye makeups...gonna give it a try^^

Anyway, all the sudden, while i was purchasing clothes for teddy, my nose started to gave me lots of problems. I'm also having slight fever now. Wonder if i should or will i be able to make it for tmr's afa.

Nevermind, i'll text them before hand to inform them first cause i don't like to do last min stuff.

Some eye candy pictures of teddy before im off to rest.

I need more rest~~~ If only teddy could sleeps more..

P.s : teddy fall off from sofa once and bed once.......poor thing.

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