Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Hair x Shiki x Hot topic

My new loved anime called Shiki. What was it about? Vampire trying to turn a small village into their own town. lols love it!
At first i dislike this character below cause she was acting bimbo-tic but after she turns into a vamp, i start to love her. Her style, image and clothings.

My new hair colour, it wasn't what i've expected. I wanted a orange brown like tsubasa.m. Instead of turns into this. Well i don't have this colour either. I was there at 3.30pm and everything ends at 8pm. bout 4.5hours there. Bleach twice, dye, treatment then cut.

Was done by Apple from Chapter2. The price was totally a killer!

Well...i dun care how my dad will say tmr...
Finally got my hot topic from yume~
This is the size of the blusher.............damn big lah!

Yawnz yawnz got to sleep now~

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