Thursday, November 18, 2010

Teddy finally gets his first vaccine done!! What a relief!
Some funny stuff has been going on today when they feed teddy deworming medicine.
He try to puke medicine out in a cat way and his expression was so epic that a assitant used her iphone to video it down. HAHAHAHAHA
And yes i should have video it down too...
Vet : Okay, today we will inject first vaccine, apply (something but i forgot what it was) and deworm.
Teddy : *Kena force to eat deworming meds*
Teddy : Tries super hard to puke it out
Vet : *Feed artifical chocolate*
Teddy : *licking happily*
WHile they were preparing everything......
Me : *look at teddy* Hor hor hor!!! Injections~~~~ hohoho!!
Teddy : ..........?? T^T
Ass. A : Don't scare him lah!
Me : Giggles in a happy way
Vet : weird...he is okay with injections but not okay with medicines.
Me : Hahaha^^;;;
Recording Card from James Tan Vet. Hospital...
Vaccination Cert

Record card to continue on his current meds

Antibiotics, what's freaking scarly was a tablet like this......
I've got to devide it into 16 packs -_-;;

Teddy's picture taken today~~

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