Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Teddy left me with no choice.........

Has been teaching him not to bite using LOTS of methods and instead of learning he became so frustrated that his temper got bad to worse. Since the normal way of teaching doesn't help him at all, the only way im trying now was to cane him. But i'm not animal abusing him.

I'm only using a letter with 3 pcs of paper inside, roll in and gently hit his butt. Well, right now he starts to understand what is right and wrong. If he doesn't learn now, when he starts getting older, it will be more difficult for him to learn. And might attack someone as well.


  1. Actually, there is another way to discipline him. But, it might be considered brutal.

    You can actually pour a few drops of soy sauce and shut him up. Dogs hate it. But that is if he refuses to be obedient.

  2. WHAHAHAHA OMG!!!!! Sounds so bad! Even now caning doesn't work on him at all.

    Oh dear....

  3. Get an actual cane and threaten him with it.