Friday, November 26, 2010

Candy Doll x Dolly Wink Received!!

Finally received!!
Order it last sat x monday but i only received it today T^T
Blame it on the rain!
First letter~!! A payment from London!
Kinda reminds me of those old days when i love to draw..

Dolly Wink No.6 and Candy Doll Lipstick in Soda Pink.
Will review it next week.

Ta-dah! I never expect the glue to be so big.....It big to me...

Close up on those lashes! Its not together, you'll have to put in more efforts and stick them well in place. But do take note, don't let the lashes stay "flat"! Please make it curl out.

At first, i tot the pink will be in baby pink but this pink was mixed with pink and a hint of beige. Easy to apply and stayed smooth on lips.

Back to games~


  1. Interested in Lizlisa Eyes? (:
    Do visit :!(:


  2. Sorry, not interested.

    But thanks anyway