Saturday, May 28, 2011


Opps! I spend money again T^T

I really gonna control myself!!

Okay, first item i bought recently in 2 weeks, Rabito's iphone casing.

I guess everyone knows this bunny casing long ago~~ But i've just received it few days ago.

Super cute but.......kinda hard to use. Extra long ears...& bunny tail keeps falling off >.<

So i have to remove it.

Love this so much!

Im not a nail kind of person, but once it a while......oh well.

Kitson L.A Bag.........Love it love it love it!!

It blings!!!! Well its time for me to change to a new bag~

Cause watsin were having promo, 2nd item for $1, so me and keita share the amount into 2. So our necklaces cost only 10bucks each!

Bought this dress right after my interview~

They sells lots of nice dress... hostess & clubbing dress..but hmm it's quite expensive.

I've got too much stuff to worried about, so i could't really sleep/rest well...

And this!! it did not work on me.

I'm ending this post with me picture, Heehee...

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  1. my daddy uses the bodyshop's Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist. it works for him!