Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi people,

Lots of things happened lately..

Well...i cant say all out but i can share a little of my life here.

Recently i meet up with "Care Bear"
and i cried on our first meet up -_- so paiseh~~

(cause of my dad..bla bla bla)

And i'm very thankful for keita & fion as well.

I have been into lots of stress, for hmm 1 whole week or more.

So i started eating lesser & lesser, Sometimes one meal a day or none.

Sorry for my messy room

Kindly ignore it!

But well!! I'm back to normal~~

See!! Hahaha

I notice that there is a few more followers here, Thanks so much people!!



  1. you are very pretty *-* I hope you feel better though ; - ; <3