Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reviews : Palty Natural Brown

Palty Natural brown hairdye.

I've only used one box for my whole hair.....

For blonde, it says leave on for 10-20 mins..but it works very well for 5 mins on me...

My old hair colour.........i hate flash. makes me look weird

Pictures taken few days ago, using my sis's camera cause mine went dead.

Dye my hair yesterday morning~ LOVE IT!
Got lots of compliments bout it^^

HAHAHA! Wonder why my hair is so long? It's my hair extensions~

Bought it in blonde and dye it with the same dye natural brown.

I will NEVER use their hair treatments...

NEVER......its the worse treatments i have used so far..

Hair colour, its pretty..

Really pretty~

But it kina drys my hair..

I will be trying out another colour 2 months later, Light ash blonde.

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