Friday, September 2, 2011

Puppy Eyes...??

I'm not a big fan of black/brown contact lens till i try them on recently.

Have been wearing Geo Princess Mimi brown lately, and decided to try something new...

YES. BLACK...I've tried them on once and it don't really suit me..until i changed the style of my eye makeup..



This pair of lens is so comfortable until i almost forgot to remove them off!! :)

If you're looking for big eyes effect lens that can make you look innocent (with puppy eyes), this will be a great pair of lens for you!

Kindly ignore my expressions, and well of course the flower on my head..heehee

I'm such a happy girl (auntie..WAHAHAHAHA) right now~ Acting young and innocent.

And my eyes looks so much bigger than before!!

Just in case you were wondering where i got the lens from, it's
and all lenses are bought paid by myself.

Well people...did i camwhole too much..?? Sorry bout that haha!!

Hope you'll like my reviews.


1 comment:

  1. nope not at all! camwhore more!!


    they didn't detain the lens?