Thursday, October 7, 2010


Finally i get to see my little baby~~
Little Chihuahuas........I can only collect it after he is 2 months old.
Sad.....but i get to see him next sat!! So excited!!
His D.O.B is 16/09/2010
Currently he's less then 1 month old.........
Apple Head, Parents are long coat x short coat (I wonder how will they look like after 2mths later)
Oh yes, my baby is on the middle, dark brown (chocolate).
And was told that chocolate colour chihuahua is very rare and this choco chihuahua will be their last batch of babies. I guess she decided to stop breeding them.

He will be joining my BIG BIG family soon............lols

and i've not yet decide what name i should give........

and lastly...pls vote for me here :


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