Monday, October 4, 2010

Style Gallery Tokyo

Went to collect my diamond lash today @ :

The Central #01-65, 6 Eu Tong Seng St (Clark Quay - Singapore)

Kinda lost my way finding the shop^^;;;

Okay! My style for today!!

As you know, singapore is always hot and sunny....
Wearing a knitted hat (pic) like this can attract lots of unwanted attention
Cause they think i'm crazy..........
"Weather so hot, still wear knitted hat, Siao (Crazy) ar?"
>> -_-;;

Like i care !!

Finally collected my diamond lash!! LOVE IT!!
SGD19.90, you can reserve/pre-order from their Facebook Account!
Great Isn't it?!
"Hard Candy" Ageha Dress!! I never expect that they will have ready stock ageha style dress in store!!

The Tag :

Look at the price!! 9,800 Yen!! And i bought it only at $29.90!!!

Faster Grab!

And the dress looked like this :

More details on the dress

2nd mini dress top : Hard Candy 7,800 Yen And i paid for $39.90 for this.

In sweet baby pink with gold chains!! Pretty!!!

The Tag on the dress :

Oh by the way!!! Their Facebook account is :!/pages/singapore-singapore/style-gallery-tokyo110343322322323

And right now they are having Ageha-shop pre-orders!

Don;t miss out!!

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  1. cool! thanks for introducing this shop! <3

    i will visit them as soon as possible! probably on saturday? wahahhahaha