Monday, November 8, 2010

8 November 2010

Went to collect some stuff from steph ( and Yeah! I love the stuff SO MUCH!

First of all.........
Ma*rs Flower Dress

A mtaching cardigan...

Close-up on the ribbon

3rd.....Hot pink Ober Tashe's bag...(It's really pretty in real life!)

4th..............Guess Tattoo Bag (kinda heavy cause of the chains)

Back of the bag~~

Guess Tags

And.......i have received my EOS lens!! These are not Authentic EOS lens.....Beware of fake lens!!!
I'll post up details to look out for on EOS lens so that you will know which is fake.

The fake lens which i ordered from are Fallineyes.blogspot. Beware and you have been warn.
She is good at telling nice stories but the truth's FAKE!! She mail out authentic eos lens to my friends and not me... -_- (I bought quite a few pairs from her)

In bubble wrap

Ta-dah...........Looks real hur? (lols)

Open it up..........

Red is for AFA 2010 for my cosplaying character.

Saw this today and im in huge love with it! I've saw it in black with white skull in ebay before but the store i went to they don't have it.

And yap...i bought a new pink greenish blue
I wonder where i keep it......have been searching the whole house for it.

Anyone interested in platforms? I'm selling off this pair of boots right after this week.
Anyone keen let me know.

Watching bones season 6 for now!

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