Thursday, December 16, 2010


First thing to blog today was..............
I played too much with teddy and he was too excited and pissed off at the same time so he....
bite me
Tadah~~ Nice right? The same hand that baby bite..
There's a "n" scar on my hand now...

Did we bought too him snacks for teddy?? These snacks were bought today....

And the bones were his fav....
He only love these bones...with flavours

Flavour : Natural (SGD1.30)
If you have a dog, try these....
I think they might love it as much as teddy does.

*cough *cough
I bought this Nutripet from james tan.... smells damn gooddddd!!! No joke! I even got the urge to taste it myself.
Not sure if any petstore do sell this but..maybe you can try your luck. Was lucky that james tan sell this to me.
A few of teddy's picture after he bite me T^T
Nah...before he sleeps

He may look cute but he is not!

I notice from near...he looks like husky but from far....he looks kinda like monkey

I wonder was it because he act spicy fried chicken yesterday cause he got a few mini bumps on his head........not like i feed him with it..its nephew place it on the floor

That's all.........byes!

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