Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ayumi Hamasaki Love Songs

I've been a ayu fan when she released My Story.
And i'm so regret that i did not get rock n roll circus...damn regret!'s alright, she've released her new album called Love Songs recently and i'm so excited!! Waiting for postman to send me my mail...included my fox tail, japan aunctions items & make up items.
I'm kinda slow when it comes to music/song release from my fav. singers/bands.
*I miss Tokio Hotel..
*I miss's been quite a few years since i last saw him.
I wonder if they'll be performing in taiwan this year cause if they do....I"M GOING!!!!!
Anyone wants to join? Hahas.. kinda reminds me of Dir en grey (totally dislike them now, sorry kyo..i don't understand what you were no...were you singing?? All i heard was AAAAHHHHH~!!!!), another whom i used to like (listen) was Gackt...Haiz...nothing to say bout him....
Then was L'arc en ciel...wooohoo!! Hyde's voice!!!~~~~~!
And was....
- Lareine
- Kagrra
- Plastic Tree
- Alice Nice
- D
- Asagi
No no...i never liked x japan, malice mizer or glay.
BUT!!! I do love crucify my love! And Communication.
Sorry...i cant type any much longer...
Am sick, whole body aches like hell..........
High fever.....feeling damn cold (like winter)
Sore Throat............great!!
Gotta chew afew panadols before i'm off to sleep.
Take care and rest well people.

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