Friday, September 7, 2012

Awesome Days

It's been quite sometimes since i updated my blog, and yes i keep saying that haha
Lately, i have been having awesome times gathering with my friends, family & hubby...what could be even better? I get to know what real friends are and for some friends that i kept on hanging on no matter how they treat me, even like shit...i'm proud to say, im leaving you.
My life are fine without you and you cant bring down my life!
I learned alot of things from my hubby, and now im a happy person :)
Sorry for my photo spam in my blog again hohoh...
Awesome t-shirt i bought from, guess what? it cost only $5 :3
Lastly, the gif i make for my hubby <3 p="p">
Bye Guys, Love ya & Take Care


  1. You're super pretty! Mind sharing what you use to get your double eyelids? Brand? :0

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