Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barbie Super Nudy Pink

Recently I ordered Barbie Super Nudy Pink From Sgcafe (Spree)
And the waiting time was about a month..
And here you go^^
The Packaging is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
It comes with free casing too
The Back of the box.........
CT : 0.025MM
B.C : 8.60MM
DIA : 16MM
Water Content 48%

Unbox the lens, and the bottle is so small..............hahaha


Pop out of the bottle and it looks like this^^

After long soak for 6hours, this is the results^^

It looks very natural, under lights (or sun lights) its pink, in photo it turns light pink & when wore indoor it looks purple. Very comfortable, even sometimes i can forget to remove my contact lens^^;;
And the rate i've given is below^^
*5 is the best
*4 Good
*3 Not So Bad
*2 Bad
*1 Worse (Don't ever buy)
Designs : ***
Comfort : *****
Colour : ***
Enlargement : ****
Service : ***
Size : 16MM

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