Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pearly N Kelly

Pearly & Kelly are giving away their first ever GIVEWAYS!!!!!!!

Both of the cute girls will be giving away :

1. Dior Lipgloss

2. Shu Uemura Eyelash Glue

3. 3 Pairs Of Upper Eyelashes (Diamond Lash)

4. 1 Pair Of Bottom Eyelash

5. 1 Pair Of Earrings (SBY)

6. 1 Small Pouch (RICH)

7. A Secret Gift (???)

If you are interested in joining??
Simple!!!! Just Follow, Blog & Comment!!
Check Out The Contest Link :

And The closing date will be : 1st of Nov 2010!!!
*And I remember that they were the girls who took a friend & i's photos in cathy (Singapore).
I'm excited to join the contest!! Have Fun & Good Luck ^^


  1. hey rio!!

    OMG. i couldn't recognise u until now.

    u're sooo sooooooo much prettier now.. pretty in the past too la..
    <3 love your style.

    i was like "who's this pretty girl?"

    i can't wait till kawaii kohii open... ^^ when ah?

  2. Hi kelly...

    LOLS......Nah...tat day my eyeliner was'nt that thick :x plus not pretty lah..

    Hmm kmk might open in 2nd week of oct. Not confirm yet.

  3. <3 pretty~!

    can't wait to see KMK! <333