Friday, November 5, 2010

First visit to Cawaii Maid Kohii

Was having Fun and enjoyed my time there. Woohoo

Something that makes me go LOLS!!

Don't think that i am the kind who you can easily bullied (By words) when i'm keeping quite try so hard to save your damn faces. (In front of the boss)

Funny Conversation : -

A (Someone working in cmk cafe)
B (Me)

(A) Your fringe looks very messy..
(B) *So? I cut it myself & i'm freaking happy and loving it!*

**means i'm talking to myself

*Yui went off to tabao food for (A)

(A) You say until like you've take care of baby before..
(B) Ya i did, I took care of my niece and nephew for my sister few years back.

(A) Wah the way you talk is so auntie..
(B) Er...i'm auntie what? (lols)

Okay Okay....i wanted to say huh? is that important?? It's none of your business anyway. Besides, i was talking to jason (Boss of cmk) and she just stand there and listen)

There's some complains going on...

Hmm heard that boss wasn't happy bout it.

Well.....after my dear fion came back.....and guess what?
Somebody mia for nearly 2hours...

Don't be lazy..
People have eyes to see.

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