Thursday, November 4, 2010


I think i might fall sick real soon...
Teddy did not get his first vaccine done today because he was having cough & flu..(poor thing)
and....the vet suspect that teddy is below 7 weeks old......
I agree with her. Have been thinking about it even before she said.
We both thinks that teddy is only 4 weeks old.
Will bring him for vaccine check again next thursday.
After that i took a cab and rush to Funan It Mall's Cawaii Maid Kohii to meet up with fion. Was super late and make her waited for nearly an hour! Sorry bout that!! >.<;;
Enjoy Rose Sake with her today~ Super nice!!
And take away Teriyaki Sandwich made by Jesuke.
And guess what? It taste GREAT!
Poor cmk girls, for giving teddy their fingers to bite -_-;;
Was hugging the mini pet carrier cause teddy was shivering (he is so scared) and jason thought that i'm carrying 1 million dollar in it...(lols!!!!)

Am wearing EOS dolly grey to match teddy's eyes today~~~

Teddy in cab

and i've received sleek palette!!!

I don't feel like blogging anymore~ Head feels SUPER painful!(headache)

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