Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grail x vet

Well some asshole cab drivers pissing me off today.

I wave at a cab driving towards me (Across the road), he u-turn and stop.

While my hand is nearly on the door he suddently drove off in full speed!!! I nearly fall off onto the road and there is cars coming. Nearly got on the news today....female dead with puppy. lols
Let's drop that subject....
Finally went to The Central to collect my shorts from.............:
Style Gallery Tokyo~
Teddy is peeking in..
Ta-dah~ Here you go....and the auntie gave me a pack of free sweets~~
Some candy in 5 flavours
Grail's Tag
The tag on the shorts were tag under Hard Candy
Buttons...i didt even notice that the shorts where with glitters
Zoom in
Wee....super happy with it~!!
And bought a pair of Hard Candy's Boots...its freaking cheap!!

The vet gave teddy a bottle of medicated Shampoo and cream to apply on his bald spot. Next week he's gonna get his first vaccine done.

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