Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Teddy Is Turning Bald??!!

Teddy is turning bald...super sad right??

*see...such a big patch that is potak...

*Body turning bald as well....

I keep teasing teddy few days ago before it got worse (he always gets annoyed), now its seriously not a joke to be teasing about anymore.

I'll be bringing teddy to visit James Tan Vet Hospital tmr and see what she says. Hope that the reason of him turning bald will be his puppies palettes. Well as for can be changed but if its his health...i might faint -_-;; (No joke)

And i wonder why...whenever i read toki's blog...whenever she post her pictures without much makeups.....i keep thinking that she looks alot like chole....(who is currently Studying & working in japan) Was it just me who thinks that way or what?

Logging off now....gotta wake up early tmr and get prepared.
Cause my mom got her english class to attend. (cool right? Even auntie (refering to my mom) is keen in learning english)
Luv Rio

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