Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hahas don't get shock of me doing piggy nose cause i've beem doing it every single day.
Well....teddy might hate me but it's for his own good. Still not used to having a puppy around the house....and he loves bitting games. You've been warn, protect your toes & fingers well. Hmmm maybe your lips as well^^;;;

Today i've cut my fringe myself and ...................i'm so regret!
Can somebody sticks my fringe back?? T^T
And was into Tsubasa's eye makeup so i give it a try...
Natural light eye makeup doesn't suit me at all....(so sad)

Clearer pictures of EOS Neon Violet

And fion!! I'm so in love with you!! This was the mirror i have always always wanted to get but i did't. I didt act like i don't like the presents at all. Haha was shock!

Open up~~

Ta-dah!!!!!!!!! See there's lights!



Bite his own hands.......(does it taste good?)

Acting cute -_-

Looking at the tv........(watching "ai")

Yawnzzz i should stop blogging and sleeps.

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