Monday, December 20, 2010

Dollywink x Jewerich

Yeah!! Finally i'm able to apply for Teddy's dog licence^^
2nd vaccine done, its almost painless but!! i never expect that the needle for microchip was so thick! Like slightly thicker then the needle they used to pierce your navel -_-;;;
And teddy was so small (chihuahua) its too much for him, lucky Jean (his vet) was super prof enough that he feels only 50% of the pain instead of 100%.
Look at his card....adding more stickers~
DollyWink & Jewelrich has arrived! Went to collect it today and i'm so happy even now!

Zoom in the lashes~ Well i cant comment anything bout it yet since i've not try them on.

Look at the colours~

The colours is super light when you apply on your hand...>.>


Went to wattsIn for er nothing........just walk around and........

I saw this!


Bought this dog chocker from daiso............

More to update tmr~

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