Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Teddy's cake x Daiso

Don't blame me for the messy cake....
Was late to meet my sis for steamboat yesterday so i did run here and there and saw santa has fall off the log cake -_-
Its a cake made specially for dogs, well humans can eat it as well depanding whether you want to or not. I tried a little and it taste great! Teddy love it too~~
For a cake like this, made with eggs that cost 21.90SGD was expensive.
*I'm Jobless
I went specially down from tampines to vivocity just for this, cause i've already promised to teddy that i'm getting a log cake for him. (Using his puppy watery eyes while i told him)
Well i gave 1 slice to my niece and nephew each...they said its nice.

Long afternoon naps

He sleeps until so comfortable lor..

Bought a shirt for him cause the previous ones are long sleeves......

Daiso's chocker

Bought this for teddy, Harness with leash...it cost *cough you would;t want to know the price i promise!

It's the best design and more boylish one....so i choose this..

Daiso's harness and leash.......not bad not bad


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