Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fairy Lash

My Japan's DHL package has arrived!!
Yes i am!!
I never expect them to send flyers together with it.

Candy Magic - so cute i mean the bottle
2 more pieces of flyers

Back of it

Ta-dah~~~ The Lashes!!!

Close up!! I'm selling this (below) off at SGD40 anyone keen?

I'm so in love with this!!

The bottom lash!

Close up~~~

Where did i get those??? I'll blog about it soon^^v


  1. hehehe! blog about it soon k! i'm oh so excited to know =DDDDDD

  2. Okays!! Will update on christmas or a day after it^^

  3. cuuute! please tell me, where did you buy the lashes ! <3 love them and I am searching them everywhere, but haven't found them until yet ;__;