Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tired of Sprees & waiting time?

I hate sprees, or pre-orders.

Things could go wrong, items delayed and so on...

I have enough of this shit!

And even, sometimes if you pre-order an item for too long, they will cancel your orders in certain websites. *WTF?!*
and as for sprees, you will have to wait till closing date, everyone's delaying of payments, stock delayed or whats so ever reasons it could happened.
Like my rakuten orders, it took freaking long, remember i mention bout the pink skirt i have ordered like early december? It's not even ordered yet!!! *#@#%%^*&*
So, with full of anger, I decided to get the stuff i wanted ON MY OWN!!!
Not wanting to depands on ANYONE anyMORE!!!!!!!!!
I ordered my rakuten stuff online thru their website, hope i could receive it er mid of this month.
First item was...
Hell Cat Punk's Chocker~
The price range was still acceptable (cause of the brand, punk stuff can never be cheap)
Everyone has been wearing tutuHA's accessories, so i'm kinda lost my mood in getting that.
Hey! this one was special, it's not only punkish, it brings out the cuteness as the same time.

2nd item was from DreamV.
DreamV heels has always been in my top of my wish list, and now it's time to get one.
While i was looking thru rakuten this morning, i saw this! It's a new item (I always checked dreamv for their new items)

This one was super cute! I have drop the idea of the super high version with crystal heels with rose. I think i'll fall to death if i wear it out. It was a dangerous pair.
This heel was great! Not too high, the height of it is just nice. It looks kinda comfortable too.

I've go Black C which was Black x Dark pink, price was cheap bout SGD30plus for a pair.

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