Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Laptop & Hell Cat Punks Received

Well, I'm back!!

If you're curious to know what i meant by I'm back? That was because "someone" went crazy and smash my previous laptop so we had to get a new one. My iphone4 was lucky, the damage caused was only to the cover and not to the phone.

New fujitsu LH700 in pink, yes pink again but this item! It's a much more prettier one.

New right? The keypad was in light pearl pink! Totally in love with it.

Well, i've went to mac counter to get afew cosmetics and guess what? Just within 10mins, i spend SGD113 on mac. Ohh dear....Bought a beauty powder & face primer as well.
My teddy leaves his bite marks on my iphone's ear piece......so i got to get a new one.
This time round, i'm using a headphone.

I just simply can't resist the leopard print........

If you remember, i ordered my hell cat punks on last friday right? Well now it's here.
It arrived yesterday and yes! I'm freaking in love with it!

Oh dear...why was it upside down??

Ta-dah~ The chocker

Zoom on the pandent


The the words were printed on the leather.

Its really a freaking awesome item.

I've email Dreamv for my heels and they said that because yesterday was a Public Holiday in japan (I totally forgot all about it, cause my calender book were dated in japan), and they told me that they will mail the heels out 2 days later.
So that's the current updates for now.
P.s : I've lost everyone's blog link, freaking sad. And temp i wouldn't be able to chat with you guys because new laptop doesn't have msn. Give me a few days to install it in okay?
Well, Huge thanks to yume for helping me out when you were so busy.


  1. i have a question, how much is the shipping from rakuten?

  2. 1000+ Yen, It's more worth it if you share it with your friends.