Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Songs x Shopping

I've received my ayumi hamasaki's love songs cd!!!
Yeah! I'm in love with it!
If you don't mind to keep seeing her future husband popping endless time in her mvs then go get the one with DVD. If not, just get her cd okays?
Frankly speaking, i love her music in their album but not her mvs. Kinda erm low budget?
Bought 2 skinnies yesterda, totally worth it!
1 were the normal kinda and the other was rubber version. (waist part)

New Future jeans are worth spending for, seriously!
You got to have a pair!

Went to aussino to get some bedsheets, and well!! I saw these!! Freaking gothic lah!
It's SGD24.90 for a set of 3, face, hair and body towels. I gave the hair towel to teddy and he destory it within a day T^T
Get the 2nd set at 40% off!!
You know i can't resist anything related to black laces x purple x butterfly!

This is what he done to it!

T^T such a nice towel yet he bites like nobody's business!!!
Yukiko has finally emailed me updating me that all the stuff has arrived to her office and well!! She already packed them up before she email me!! And guess what? she told me that she have already mail out the items O.o;;
Which means i can receive it on erm sunday or monday.
On the other hand, My taobao items has arrived too!
But!! It's not with me now, I'm still waiting for her to mail them to me.
Damn slow~~~~~ And yeah! My Dreamv heels!!


  1. Ah, have you started like using the camera for taking photos?

  2. You mean the mint camera? I use iphone4's camera nowadays cause its very clear.