Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Updates : I.Fairy x DreamV

How's everyone been doing?
My life was great! Have been busy hmm for so many days....
Super tired after lots of cleaning, ordering, packing, receiving stuff.
I've received my I.fairy Lens from m'sia and it was said to be 16.2mm but it was all lies.
But the packaging was kinda cute.
Back of the bottle.........

Look how pretty the lens was!!

I'm in love with the red pair~~
Looking forward to try them on.


Super hot pink~

got to log off now~~ cause teddy is wake -_-;;


  1. Oh sorry to hear the lenses are not really as large as they said TT

    The shoes are so pretty! I wish I could fit into Japanese shoes.

  2. Ya...their actual size is between 14.5 - 14.8mm dia. Yes! The shoes were so pretty!! (cheap as well) you couldn't fit into them???