Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teddy is sick...

The whole night yesterday, teddy vomit non-stop. I have to clean his vomit in the middle of the night. Well...15 mins ago, he vomit again. There's anti-vomit medicine left so i feed him with it. If he don't get better by tmr morning..i'll be bringing him to the vet.
Photo taken few days ago, anyway, he don't suit black shirt at all.
His new costume arrived. He got spiderman before so this time is superman.
At first teddy was very happy with his new costume...
and we all laugh till we cry

and he is pissed.......
An extra pair hands besides him...
Thanks esther for the great navel studs! Love it but..i have already let it closed.
But i will keep what i always do.

Playing around with short hair..........kinda bored.
I did this when teddy was asleep after he took his medicine.

1 thing i need to confess is i mia for work today without updating my boss.
and i don't feel guilty at all.


  1. Hello ^_______^
    Let your dog get better ;_______;
    This very nice with the suit the superman jajaja :P very funny!!!
    I love your hair, you are very pretty


  2. Hi yui, Teddy is feeling alot better^^