Friday, March 4, 2011

tutuHA / carnation pink / Diamond Puff / Melliesh

Hi people~~~
Phone rang
*boss called...*
Me : Hack care..just keep looking at my phone until it stop.
Continue blogging....
I'm wearing my sis's betty boop T-shirt that we bought at USS.
Sorry for the messy background...
I wonder why...did i shape my nose too much?
In real life it looks alright but in photos....haiz
Anyway..i'm not wearing super nudy grey contact lens

Collect some cosmetics from a sgcafer, i reduce the price like crazy and she is alright with it. *Good Girl~!*

The colour seems to be a little too dark for me but once i put it looks alright.

Melliesh lipgloss..LOVE IT SO MUCH! I should have try it LONG LONG time ago!
*stupid me* *Punch myself*

Collect my stuff from steph as well....
WOOHOO~~~~ My dear dear mini dress~~~~~
Brand of the mini dress is tutuHA

Bought from steph too
Carnation's so pretty!

I dye it on my hair extensions and this is how it look.

Should buy a few bottles and keep. So that next time i can do pink highlights at the bottom of my hair~~

Well...i'm tired..
That's all for now

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