Thursday, May 24, 2012

Job & Live

Hi People,

Yes as you know, i'm currently working in a oil company at raffles place as a receptionist.
Well...i'm still am now, blogging in office...sounds bad right? It has been a month since im here...the moment i start working, its been really busy, Moving to a new office...LOT BIGGER and new DM.

It's not like i did not do my job, this week has been erm...a god damn free week. Besides calling and calling...(endless phone calls made) for hotlines / customer care line that can seriously drive someone like me nuts. Seriously, they should change to local, instead of saving money...hiring the low cost, it will be best if they could hire someone who can communicate in good english, who will never give attitude to customers who asked a few more questions.

I am not shooting anyone here, being frank...cause it's already over my limits.


Well, life with my boyfriend has been good, we did argued for quite a few times, i cried most of the time...(im a total cry baby now...never cried in a relationship before so you can understand how important he is to me). We have been together for 3 months now, still on going...

Thou many things happened, but im not letting it go.

More information on us, we're both born in the month of july. He's on the 6, and im on 29.

Age is *cough cough* counting erm...
For this year, he will be 20 and i will be 27.

So roughly you'll know what happen lah...

This year's birthday, im really looking forward to...not expecting birthday presents, but was craving for happy things to happen.

Bout 2 months more......... *eggcited*

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