Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review : Clip On Hair Extensions

I'll be checking on the brand name for this extension cause i've lost the label of it.  If you are one of my fb friend, you will know that i am selling them away since both colours does not matches my bleached hair at that time.
Since it's been there in my big box for quite sometimes, i decided to make use of it.
First the extensions i bought are with curls...

I went ahead using my straightener to straighten them.

After i clip them on, (i know my current hair colour is so weird and roots, fade off dark brown and pinkish brown at the ends)

Covering my black roots...muahahahaha!!!

So how you think of it? I'm going black and short as well...Look forward to it

I did't photoshop much in this picture...just adjusted the brightness of it...My face look so slim in this picture...OMG

- Miki -

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